Graduating from Art School

Last week I graduated with an Honours degree (BA Fine Art) from the University of Dundee along with the rest of my year group. It was a brilliant day and made me very proud to have been part of Dundee and to have been lucky enough to study at DJCAD for the past 4 years. We had a couple of extremely inspiring speakers receiving honorary degrees on the day, one being the woman behind Frank’s Law & the other the founder of the Maggie’s Centers cancer treatment units. Dundee is of course newly a UNESCO city of design ( and quite rightly so as I have always found it to be a greatly creative and exciting place.   Although the V&A museum that is in currently in the making WAS due to be opening this year (lost graduate job opportunity-*sigh*), I will definitely be making a journey up the Silvery Tay back to Dundee upon its’ opening in the next few years.

Studying in this quirky, up & coming and warm city has been the most invaluable experience for me. Not only in exploring and developing my artistic practice but also by showing me over the years that big and wonderful (and even sometimes world-renowned) things, people, movements & ideas can come out of seemingly small yet mighty places.

Dundee, it has been more than a pleasure.


Graduation 2016 – Caird Hall, Dundee


Degree Show Success!

What a fantastic time the Degree Show was!  I was overwhelmed by the positive reaction and oh-so-pleasantly surprised by the success of my show. Feeling very excited and lucky.

Firstly, on Friday the 2oth of May before the opening, I received news that the Art in Health Care trust would like to buy three of my paintings for their permanent collection. For me this is a real honour as their collection includes work by the likes of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, one of my favourite 20th century artists from the St Ives school. The trust’s collection provides artwork for Hospitals and healthcare institutes so it is fanastic to know that my work will be out on display to patients and thoswe passing through the corridors daily.

Secondly, but super excitingly, I have been selected for the Wall Projects gallery solo show in 2017! This is such an honour and so very exciting to have been awarded a solo show at the fantastic gallery in Montrose which aims to bring contemporary art to the North East of Scotland. I look forward to working with the gallery and producing my first solo show after graduating, just an amazing oppurtunity. I have also been invited to show at their exciting New Graduates Exhibition in  Autumn 2016 later in the year so will keep the website and mailing lost updated regarding that also!

Another really exciting piece of news for me was being awarded the John Guthrie Prize for painting by the University of Dundee:



Rowan Rosie (Fine Art)

I found this out on the degree show opening night just before doors opened to the public so excitment was running high!


And finally, I managed to sell almost all of my Degree Show collection which is just more than I could have imagined on top of all the other good news. I would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in my work over the past month or taken the time to speak to me or send an e-mail etc, especially arund degree show time. I feel truly excited about the future of my practice and I am really eager to secure a studio space in near future and continue painting and working towards new projects and shows. There are still a couple of pieces for sale which can be seen in either the recent blog post of my degree show collection or in the updated Gallery page. Please see contact page if interested for details.




Media coverage of Degree Show!

Was exciting to see my name mentioned amongst many others in my graduating class by The Herald newspaper:

“…Rowan Rosie’s joyous neon abstracts paintings are also very easy-on-the-eye. “

Link below!


Another review of my show thanks tothe ‘Dundee University Review of the Arts’ publication and website:

“Further down the corridor and into the brightness of another studio, Rowan Rosie’s work fills the Rowan Rosiefeature wall. Rosie aims to guide the viewer on a journey of balance, light and colour. The paintings are giant and abstract, and presented adjacent to one another; this is undertaken as an eclectic mixed media frenzy with bright modern synthetic colours. Neon pinks mix with fantastic tangerine; coppers mix with sea-green. A lone neon orange light box sets off the whole composition, pulling the paintings together in a fiery glow”

Again, link below!

Degree Show Collection

I am excited to finally be able to post photos of my offical degree collection. I had held off until the show was over so here they are for those who didn’t make it to the show in Dundee in person. More photos of exhibition space coming soon.


“Fluro Pink” 120x100cm, Oil and Acrylic on Genuine Gesso, £500 [SOLD] (Acquired for the Art in Healthcare collection)


“2D Neon” 50x50cm, Acrylic Perspex and 2D light bulb , £150


“Copper Blue” 150x100cm, Oil, Acrylic and Copper on Genuine Gesso, £700


“PVC P.M.” 100x100cm, Oil, Acrylic and PVC on Genuine Gesso, £460 [SOLD]


“Skye Cream” 60x50cm, Oil and Acrylic on Genuine Gesso. £250 [SOLD] (Acquired for the Art in Healthcare collection)


“Miami Bunnet”, 60x50cm, Oil and Acrylic on Genuine Gesso, £250 [SOLD], (Acquired for the Art in Healthcare Collection)


“Neon Duo”, 40x50cm, Acrylic Perspex, £100 [SOLD] *photos of installed work coming later*