Graduating from Art School

Last week I graduated with an Honours degree (BA Fine Art) from the University of Dundee along with the rest of my year group. It was a brilliant day and made me very proud to have been part of Dundee and to have been lucky enough to study at DJCAD for the past 4 years. We had a couple of extremely inspiring speakers receiving honorary degrees on the day, one being the woman behind Frank’s Law & the other the founder of the Maggie’s Centers cancer treatment units. Dundee is of course newly a UNESCO city of design ( and quite rightly so as I have always found it to be a greatly creative and exciting place.   Although the V&A museum that is in currently in the making WAS due to be opening this year (lost graduate job opportunity-*sigh*), I will definitely be making a journey up the Silvery Tay back to Dundee upon its’ opening in the next few years.

Studying in this quirky, up & coming and warm city has been the most invaluable experience for me. Not only in exploring and developing my artistic practice but also by showing me over the years that big and wonderful (and even sometimes world-renowned) things, people, movements & ideas can come out of seemingly small yet mighty places.

Dundee, it has been more than a pleasure.


Graduation 2016 – Caird Hall, Dundee


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