Glasgow Studio goings on..

After 3 months in my new Glasgow studio space there’s been a fair bit going on. Having spent a while trying to set up a workshop space in my studio /experimenting with various tools/machines  I have successfully made genuine gesso surfaces and am back into the painting motion! dmdjdjdmxsmstudio1.jpgThe most regular way in which I share any progress is on Instagram so please do follow me over on @rowanrosiestudio if you want in on the snapshots! (

Having been invited to take part in the Imago Mundi Project 2017, I have recently submitted a piece of work for the collection and will be updating this website / social media pages with more info on that once I have it. Really excited and happy to have been asked to take part, super interesting international project. (picture below)


I’ve visited some fantastic art exhibitions within the past few months (internationally and locally in Scotland!) that I’ll write a little more about in a separate blog post so keep our eyes peeled for that. For now I’ll be painting away in my studio working towards my solo exhibition in late Summer this year and will keep those who are interested updated. studio4studio3

Thank you to photographer Jacquetta Clark for the recent studio snaps. (can follow her on @jacquettaclark or at

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