Exhibition Opening

“Rowan Rosie – New Works” opened at The Wall Projects II on Saturday the 12th August 2017. It was a beautiful day with equally beautiful people in my life around me to celebrate.

I want to say a massive thank you to all my family, friends and all the new faces who came to be with me at the opening, it made my day even more special.

The positive feedback I have received on my work has made it all so very worth those months working away in the studio this year and I have sold over half of my paintings at this stage so far-can’t quite believe it. What seems to have been discussed most notably by visitors to the gallery (from the guestbook / talking to people on our meet-the-artist days) has been their enjoyment of the colourful nature of my work and experimentation with material/surface.  I am so pleased that you have been able to share in my adoration of colour and light. Also, thank you for the kind messages I have received in the guestbook etc-I’ve read them all!

I am feeling incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to put on a solo show in my first year since graduating and for that I owe a very very big thank you to Kim at the Wall Projects. It has been a total joy to work with you and spend time with you and Tracy.

I don’t want to write too much more as I will do a round-up post once the show has finished with lots more photos. However, for now here is a few snaps from the opening preview event and a reminder that THIS SATURDAY (2nd September 10am-6pm) is the last chance to see the show!



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