Perspex Mobile

Got my acrylic shapes back from Forbes Signs today! ( Very pleased with the outocomes. Images of the test shape cut-out and potential install layouts. Excited to have a light piece for my show that will reflect the shapes of my paintings and reflect the light. Only cost me £30 for their cutting service, definitely recommend Forbes Signs in Dundee if anyone needs anything like this done.

The last studio week

Nerves running imaginably high this week as we prepare our work for the degree show install next week and the following assesments. Studios are back to regualr opening hours (9pm) so it’s all go at the moment. Studios are getting very full as you can imgine, stuff just growing outwrds and upwards! Exciting times ahead. rr3

Light Up Perspex

Piece not quite finished yet, but you get the idea of how it will look. Very pleased so far at how well the bulb glows and makes the acrylic orange sheet wake up and set the edges off. Need to glue down the sheets and drill some air holes into the box to allow the bulb to not  overheat. 2 weeks of working time left, getting there now.


Light-Up perspex (making)

I have been in the woodwork shop the past week making a light-up piece using some fantasticly bright flurescent perspex. I picked the 2D lightbulb for it’s linear shape as I wanted the bulb to show through the acrylic to create an interestinh shape and linear quality as I do in my painting work. I hope this will create spacial dimension within the painting. I will need to decide if the bulb is to be places in the box off-centre or centered. Looking forward to having a light piece and seeing how the bulb will affect the flurescent light in the perspex.


Have so far made the box so just waiting on glue to dry.

Colourfield Spray

Helen Frankenthaler (late 20th century abstract artist from New York) invente ‘colourfield painting’ that involved soaking large scraps of canvas in water and paints, allowing the colours to run together. I have been experimenting with this technique in the studio recently using simly a spray-bottle and water/white spirit.

Results below: